Classycool are a string quartet who bring to your pupils an exciting, educational and interactive musical performance for children of all ages. The group infuse choreographed dance with well known musical repertoire providing a memorable and enriching educational experience.

The musicians, who all trained at the UK’s most prestigious music colleges and academies have worked extensively with young people all over the world. Each member of the group is hand picked for their ability to really perform and connect with their audience, inspiring and enthusing young people to make music.

For more detailed information on how Classycool can enhance your students progress in Key Stages 1 and 2 by making music cool, please request more information from

The specially tailored ‘Music, Evolved’ interactive school performance covers key aspects of the national curriculum Key Stage 1 and 2. During the show, students are encouraged to to ask and answer questions, sing and clap along, participate in musical games and even have a go at playing the different instruments. Children are exposed to a wide range of musical styles in a very ‘hands on’ and friendly environment.

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