Have you ever been wandering around the heart of London's West End, only to hear in the distance classical music accompanied by clapping, cheering and singing from the watching crowd?

Then chances are you have stumbled across a Classycool show in the street-performing capital of the world, Covent Garden. Classycool perform regularly here, playing to scores of visitors who cannot help but stop and watch in awe as the group of classical musicians dance, sing, serenade passers-by and generally act the fool! The Classycool show has been honed and developed over years on the world's only Classical Music busking pitch in the centre of London's unique Covent Garden Market.

See us in action

"I am amazed how you managed to combine such expert musicianship (both the playing and the unique arrangements) with the singing, dancing, humour and audience interaction without suffering any loss to the quality of the playing. It really was quite spectacular, and I thank you for putting on such a great show!"

Gary Herdsman