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About us...

We are Classycool.

We are a string quartet like none you have ever seen before! We started out by playing mainly classical music (hence our name- a play on the word ‘classical’, and pronounced almost the same), busking in Covent Garden. From playing here we realised that we got a much better reaction from our transient audiences if we memorised our music, got rid of our music stands and smiled, serenaded, fooled around- and actually PERFORMED. Sitting or standing still when playing as a string quartet absolutely has it’s merits, and as working classical musicians we still do recitals and concerts in the traditional style. But over the years Classycool has become something different and unique, and something we are really proud of!

You might be wondering why there are more than 4 musicians featured in our photos. Well, we are a collective of musicians run by a core of a few main players. We all know the same music from memory and we all love to perform! We were drawn together by a shared love of bringing music to the public, many of whom will not often come into contact with classical music and instruments. The music we choose to play is the kind you'll recognise, and hopefully even start tapping your foot to!

We're based in London but we play all over the world at festivals, in theatres and halls, for parties, weddings and corporate events- and of course we busk wherever we can. If you're ever in Covent Garden pop down to the South Hall and say hi! We'd love to see you there.